What is Global Calendar ?

  • Global Calendar is an education platform to form a cause-counscious minded generation
  • It introduces teenagers to more than 50 lectures on global values relevant & common to all people on Earth
  • Lectures are curated compilations of Qwikis, Videos, Info-Graphics, Text & steps to Action of every topic
  • It helps teachers & teachers giving english as second language with material to discuss in the classroom
  • High schools worldwide are invited to follow it as a yearly course & considered it as part of their curriculum

Students will get basic knowledge about


The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside the class and moving “homework” into the classroom. See  the info-graphic besides – click to enlarge >

Students review the lectures at home at their own pace communicating with peers & teachers via social media.

Discussions and engagement takes place in the classroom with the help of the teacher.


  • Students & teachers need access to a computer at home
  • Classrooms need a computer & projector / smart board
  • Internet connection in both cases


Global Calendar gathers sharp visually attractive multimedia information from different sites in the internet and presents it an easy-to-use online lecture. All lectures have VIDEOS, INFO-GRAPHICS & QWIKIS whose multimedia nature enhances learning by providing easier & faster understanding. All media have links to their original sources and encourages students to follow steps for action !


Videos are powerful teaching tools that are changing education paradigms. Video on Khan’s Academy Vision & Social Return. Simply AMAZING!


Info-graphics – visualizations of information are not just great to synthesize a topic to understand it quickly, but also deliver a wealth of learning levels & diversity of information.

1. Relevant Cause, Topic, Issue

All infographics in Global Calendar presents important global topics to form a cause-culture minded generation.

2.Mathematics (Conversions, Charts, Diagrams)

Most info-graphics contains numbers, percentages, etc… that are explain in charts & diagrams which students most decipher & understand. Since many are done by Americans, the amounts are in the English system which need to be converted into the metric system (Ex. Pounds to Kg, Yards, Inches into Meters & Centimeters) as well as Dollars into other currencies).

3. English Reading  & Understanding

All info-graphics in Global Calendar are made in english so they are good tool for reading comprehension.

4. Engagement & Action!

All info-graphics have their sources & support organizations in their footer. Students can follow up steps into action to get involved.


Qwikis are short, interactive stories –  a drastically improved information experience provided via interactive narrated presentations.

… awareness is the first step to action !

Source: http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/