Online Education / e-Learning

The internet is changing the way we educate, it is democratizing the access to information as well as providing a platform for collaborative studying through social media. These advances in technology are creating a new culture of learning & turning point into how we educate our children. Here you find a multimedia compilation of infographics, qwikis & videos with relevant information about these topic.


Qwiki is a new information experience for the web, available on which presents topics in a beautiful, interactive format that goes far beyond text – including info-graphics, videos, pictures and more to present interactive summaries of anything you want. Have a look at this qwiki about e-learning.

Videos about Education

Video 1: If there was ever a time when creativity was vital for survival and growth, it is now. Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the general perception of education worldwide with this powerful statement: Schools kill creativity!
Video 2: This RSA Animate does wonders with the great and thought-provoking words of Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert. So, for all you with strong visual intelligence, suddenly the message becomes so very clear!